Criminal Defense

Tough Lawyer Defends Accused Clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania

Wilmington firm delivers strong legal support to defendants

For clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania, the Law Offices of John S. Malik delivers aggressive representation against state and federal criminal charges. From my office in Wilmington, I use my 35 years of experience to assert the fundamental rights of accused clients. In cases involving complex fact patterns and high emotions, I have the skill and dedication to challenge prosecutors and the evidence they bring against you. My firm takes a personal approach to each situation and clearly outlines your options and potential consequences. Once you decide how to proceed, I vigorously pursue the best resolution possible, whether that is a dismissal, acquittal or favorable plea agreement.

Accomplished attorney handles a full range of felony and misdemeanor cases

Serious charges demand a defense attorney with a proven record of success. My firm delivers proactive advocacy in all types of felony and misdemeanor matters, including those arising from charges of:

  • Murder — A homicide allegation presents legal and emotional challenges that are best handled by a litigator who has tried these matters. In any circumstance, my firm offers comprehensive legal support.
  • Fraud — If you’ve been accused of harmful misrepresentation, I’ll take on those charges aggressively to avert an unjust result.
  • Theft — Allegations of theft and related offenses may involve faulty assumptions based on incomplete information. Should you face unfair allegations, I’ll develop a complete defense strategy.
  • Assault — A dispute that turns physical often triggers an assault prosecution. My firm vigorously defends people who are accused of criminal assault and similar crimes such as menacing and offensive touching.

The first step to winning the outcome you seek is retaining an attorney who knows the system and will stand up for your rights.

Proven advocate protects the rights of individuals in drug crime litigation

Changes to the way society views drugs have led to frequent revisions of the statutes governing controlled substances. In cases involving the possession, sale or manufacture of drugs, my firm will examine the facts in your situation and advise you on the applicable legal standards. Some drug prosecutions are prejudiced by overcharging and improperly gathered evidence. My extensive experience offers my clients an advantage at every phase of their legal proceedings.

Experienced legal counselor assists motorists in DUI prosecutions

Being arrested on a charge of driving under the influence can be a shocking, embarrassing event. However, you might be able to overcome a DUI allegation, even if your blood alcohol concentration exceeds the legal limit of .08 percent. Overzealous police officers frequently make vehicle stops and arrests that lack the proper legal foundation. Moreover, tests can be tainted by sloppy handling or something nonalcoholic that the driver ate or drank. Without a detailed review from a qualified DUI defense attorney, you might not even be sure that these potential problems exist. My firm vigorously investigates your situation and presses for an outcome that averts unfair sanctions such as jail time, license suspension or the forced use of ignition interlock devices.

Skillful adviser assists drivers cited for traffic offenses

Speeding, aggressive driving and other traffic violations can carry obvious and hidden costs. As your license points increase, you’ll face increased insurance premiums and potential suspension of your driving privileges in addition to heavy fines. Many people are tempted to plead guilty just to get the matter resolved, but a strong advocate offers a better option. My firm can often find effective defenses that can get your case dismissed or punishment reduced. Whether you’ve been cited for a simple moving violation or something more serious such as reckless driving, I’ll make sure that you don’t surrender your rights needlessly.

Contact a determined Wilmington criminal defense lawyer for a consultation

The Law Offices of John S. Malik represents Delaware and Pennsylvania clients who have been accused of felony, misdemeanor and traffic offenses. Please call 302-803-4414 or contact me online for a consultation regarding your case. My office is in downtown Wilmington.